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Boost and scale your product release capability

We help casino game developers and online casinos growing their revenues while reducing overhead and keeping costs under control

Faster time-to-market
More titles and content
More space for research
Faster time-to-market
More titles and supplementing content
More space for new mechanics research
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Working in all the major sectors, trusted by industry leaders

For over a decade, CGS has been nurturing and sharpening its expertise to tailor its services to the specific needs of our customers.

Game developers

Contributing to casino games development or taking over a complete game project as a contractor

Tech companies

Delivering building blocks and components of technology solutions for the digital casino games industry

Gambling startups

Helping new businesses with bright ideas and ambitious goals bring their gaming product to market

Casino operators

Providing R&D, development, and support services to online casino owners and operators

Platform providers

Serving companies that provide the technology platforms for online casinos and gaming sites

Social media

Creating and seamlessly embedding casino games on social media platforms

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Accelerated development.
Aggressive timelines. Solid delivery.

We know very well the critical path for creating casino games.
Our deliverables are easy to adapt, re-use and maintain.

Project based

Full-cycle game development, module development and integration. We deliver against the promise.

Realistic planning
Mature development process
High technical capability
Transparent risk management
Comprehensive quality assurance

Team based

Focused team augmentation and wisely structured managed teams for long-term development programs.

Industry-specific skillsets
True seniority levels
Sharp learning curve
Accountability and communication
Simple and accurate billing

Outperform and stay ahead of competition

CGS drives strategic success by expertly maintaining and scaling successful casino gaming techniques, while continuously innovating and leveraging exciting new findings

Continuous updates and releases

Regularly introducing new content, including new titles, fresh themes, game updates, and bonus features.

Player engagement and retention

Incorporating player progression, metagaming, and social elements that enhance player engagement.

Audience growth

Introducing unique game mechanics, captivating game theming, adaptations for various demographic groups, and game localizations.

Mobile Compatibility

Optimizing casino games for mobile devices, ensuring smooth gameplay and intuitive user interfaces, allows reaching a broader audience.

Graphics and Sound Design

We offer high-quality graphics, visually appealing themes, and immersive sound effects that captivate players and make the game stand out from others in terms of visual and auditory appeal.

Math and RTP strategies

We design, test, and validate multi-factor math models to cater to various risk inclinations and gameplay preferences, attracting more players and providing the best possible rewarding experience.

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