Lean service,
great results

Boost development velocity and
release frequency, cut down unproductive
iterations and overhead

Granular & Trending


Driving from the ideation stage down to fully operational PoC or a prototype developed to a desired detail level

Game art production

We offer digital content creation for casino games, including graphics, animations, and sound effects

Business intelligence

Revealing data-driven insights in player behavior, gameplay engagement, and user journeys

Porting, migration

Make your game available on other devices and platforms, migrate or extend to new environments

Reverse engineering

Our vast experience allows for developing new titles based on existing games' black-box or grey-box analysis

Project rescue

CGS takes over and revives struggling or failing projects. We ensure successful project completion

Slot games development

Maximize productivity
and minimize bottlenecks.

Solitaire games development

Delight your players
and create lasting impressions

LiveOps for Casino Games

Power up your
marketing strategy

Unity game development

Build your next flagship title with our expert technical and niche domain knowledge

Testing and quality assurance

Elevate your slots to new
heights of excellence

Smooth flight on
Time & Materials

Embrace agility for superior results

Getting started is easier than you might think