Casino game testing and quality assurance

Hire competent QA team — accelerate casino game releases

Functional, performance, and UX testing of casino games and ecosystems

Overcome testing capacity shortage and streamline delivery process

Manual testing

Seamlessly integrated into your development process
Clear and concise bug reporting for new scopes and regressions
Minimal overhead for product owners and project managers

Test automation

Frontend test automation implemented from the earliest stages
End-to-end API test automation and performance testing
CI/CD processes integration

UX testing

Testing for clarity in user journeys and identifying UI defects
Ensuring consistency between sound and visuals
Conducting A/B testing and collecting valuable feedback


Identifying gameplay issues in main gameplay cycle and all-around
Gathering feedback for game mechanics and UX refinement
Iterative improvement based on playtesting results for a polished game

Math model testing

Conducting extensive game simulations and analyzing game results
Ensuring game results align with the designated RTP strategy
Performing white-box algorithm analysis

GDD testing and validation

Mitigating development risks and ensuring gameplay consistency
Validating all elements of the GDD to enhance player experience
Detecting "white spots" and breakdowns in game design input

Player behavior analysis

Revealing data-driven insights to enhance user experience and ROI
Detecting anomalies in user interactions
Identifying player preferences, habits, and engagement levels

Implementing QA strategies for consistent, industry-standard quality of casino games

Planning, implementing and continuously improving QA process

Enabling test-driven development

CGS empowers developers to embrace test-driven development, fostering software quality, expediting development cycles, and facilitating the delivery of robust and reliable casino game releases.

Writing test cases

Crafting comprehensive test cases that align with the principles of test-driven development, serving as a foundation for documenting casino games and their ecosystem.

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