Solitaire Games Development

Traditional and modern solitaire mechanics, minigames, and metagaming strategies

Luck and skill

CGS develops data-driven Solitaire gameplay, blending luck and skill. We deliver adaptive systems that cater to players' varying skill levels, keeping them engaged.

Math modeling

Data-driven optimization

Optimize Solitaire gameplay through advanced mathematical modeling. Our team applies data-driven approaches to ensure balanced difficulty levels, enhancing player satisfaction and engagement.


Sonic enchantment

Crafting immersive soundscapes for Solitaire gameplay. Ensuring captivating audio elements that elevate the player experience.

On-hand expertise for creating virtually endless solitaire gaming

manifested Through awesome art,
animation, and sound

Tweaks and differentiating visuals for genuine gameplay

New mechanics research and development

Statistical models design, testing, benchmarking

Progression systems

Creating a framework that allows players to unlock rewards, levels, or achievements based on their Solitaire gameplay. Implementing elements such as experience points, milestones, challenges, and exclusive bonuses to deliver a gratifying sense of achievement, thrill, and seamless advancement.


Enhancing the core Solitaire gameplay with captivating mechanics, including Pick-and-Match, Click-and-Reveal, etc. Introducing skill-based challenges, special moves, multipliers, and distinctive features. Integrating exciting bonus rounds with interactive gameplay, diverse themes, and satisfying mechanics.

Social gaming

Incorporating elements like leaderboards, competitions, and multiplayer modes, including exciting tournaments. Facilitating social interactions through chat and gifting functionalities, enabling players to share their accomplishments on social media. Seamlessly integrating monetization mechanics, virtual coins, and valuable management for an immersive and engaging social Solitaire gaming experience.


Integrating progression systems, achievements, and unlockable content into a comprehensive global player evolution framework. Offering extensive player customization options, diverse challenges, and opportunities for strategic decision-making. Fostering a profound sense of long-term goals, player agency, and an enriched layer of engagement that transcends individual Solitaire gameplay.

Data engineering and AI-driven Business Intelligence

CGS develops tools for secure collecting and analyzing player data in Solitaire games. Advanced analytics generate insights, optimize game design, and drive data-informed decisions for better player experiences and increased profitability.

Repeatable production process with consistent quality and shortened release cycles

Here are the most typical CGS's work engagements for Solitaire and Solitaire-like game development by our customers from US, Europe, and Israel

Solitaire from scratch, 60+ progression levels at launch

A full-cycle time-to-market driven development effort aimed at creating metagaming-centric solitaire experience and integrating monetization mechanics

Unity gamedev team integrated into customer's process

A 12-month engagement of a highly qualified CGS's Unity development squad into the established and running A-class solitaire-like game development process

Porting legacy solitaire apps to Haxe cross-platform toolkit

Migration of the gaming apps inside the 5-years-in-operation ecosystem to the new tech stack for improved performance, scalability and manageability

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