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Mature slot game development company — a strategic vendor for slot game development programs

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CGS's UX design team crafts captivating interfaces that enhance the thrill of playing casino games


Smooth play is king!

Dynamic, engaging animation that captures the excitement of the gaming experience. From subtle movements to eye-catching visuals, our animation enhances game perception.


Feel the vibe

From the atmospheric music and satisfying clink of coins to the pulse-pumping beats of a bonus round, our sound design enhances player excitement


We enable seamless and efficient setting adaptation and theming. Our experience includes over 40 game themes, and growing


Stars, planets, asteroids, comets, spaceships

Mystical creatures

Unicorns, mermaids, griffins, gargoyles — collect them all!

Ancient Egypt

Pharaohs, pyramids, ancient Egyptian mythology


Treasures, swords and shields, and, of course, lots of dragons!


Asian culture, dragons, lanterns, traditional meals and clothes

Aztec civilization

Vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and symbolism


Celebrating the holiday season together with Santa


Tribal culture and mythology, African wildlife and landscapes

Wild West

American frontier, cowboys, horses, and guns


Yachts, sports cars, expensive watches, jewelry

St. Patrick's day

Emerald Isle, leprechauns, pots of gold, four-leaf clovers


From furious lions and tigers to calm pandas and flamingos


Developing reliable statistical models to achieve desired game's performance parameters, such as payout percentage, level of volatility, etc.

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Game design

We offer top-of-the-line slot design services that capture players' attention and keep them coming back for more. Our team defines logic flows, incorporates exciting features, and crafts player experiences tailored to your specific requirements.

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Model design

Balanced and engaging math models that provide players with an enjoyable gaming experience and generate consistent profits for our customers. We leverage game behavior simulation, real-world playtesting, and player feedback.

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Engine programming

We specialize in developing cutting-edge slot engines using a component-based approach that enables seamless integration of various mechanics, guaranteeing excellent flexibility, perfect support, and easy scalability for new features and mechanics.

Ultimate feature coverage for real money and social casino — on game screen and beyond

Over 20 reel area mechanics
manifested Through awesome art,
animation, and sound

Endless combinations for genuine gameplay

New mechanics research and development

Statistical model design, testing, benchmarking

Social gaming

Integrating features like leaderboards, challenges, and multiplayer modes, including tournaments. Enabling social interactions through chat and gifting options, while allowing players to share achievements on social media. Incorporating monetization mechanics, virtual coins, and valuables management.


Complementing the main slot gameplay with engaging traditional mechanics, such as Wheel of Fortune, Pick-and-Win, Click-and-Reveal, etc. Adding skill-based challenges, free spins, multipliers, and unique features. Incorporating engaging bonus rounds with interactive gameplay, diverse themes, and rewarding mechanics.

Art and character design

Strengthening emotional connection, supporting storytelling and narrative to nurture involvement and retention

Go for game art

Progression systems

Designing a structure where players can unlock rewards, levels, or achievements based on their gameplay. Integrating features like experience points, milestones, quests, and unique bonuses to provide a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and continuous progression.


Aggregating progression systems, achievements, and unlockable content within a global player evolution framework.

Offering player customization options, challenges, and strategic decision-making.

Providing a sense of long-term goals, player agency, and a deeper layer of engagement beyond individual slot gameplay.

Data engineering and AI-driven Business Intelligence

CGS builds tools to collect and analyze player behavior, preferences, and game performance data. Our customers utilize advanced analytics to generate insights, optimize game design, and drive data-informed decision-making for enhanced player experiences and increased profitability.

Our capacity is 30 to 40 slots yearly, and we scale fast!

Here are some of our most typical work engagements for our customers from the United States, Israel, South Korea, Australia, and United Kingdom

Entire slot casino from zero to launch, 70+ slots

A strategic partnership for the design, development, and regular releases of top-notch slot games and corresponding online casino ecosystem has propelled a new rising star in the slot gaming market.
4.8 average score

Live operations of social slot casino, 40+ slots

All-round LiveOps, including continuous content production, Azure infrastructure support, and application support, has resulted in a significant increase in cost-efficiency and productivity.
4.7 average score

Visual revamp of popular, yet legacy, slot games

Improved graphics, animations, and UI breathed new life into 4 established slot games, attracting new and re-engaging existing players — ensuring the games remain competitive
4.6 average score

Statistical model development for a new product line

Industry-grade math model development, validation, coding, and integration into a diverse set of new slot games encompassing a wide variety of game mechanics.
4.8 average score

Moving production to distributed locations

CGS smoothly transitioned our customer's development and LiveOps operations to  trending outsourcing destinations in Europe, ensuring no business process interruptions or application downtimes.
4.7 average score

Slot game art development and animation

Starting with high-quality art design for a single slot, CGS evolved into a long-term partner for art creation, serving a prominent online casino operator involved in both real-money and social gaming.
4.7 average score

Repeatable production process with consistent quality and shortened release cycles

Consistently achieving industry standards in both features and quality

Original slot game, based on best-practice mechanics
Theming and porting, based on existing game mechanics
Replication or reverse engineering
R&D, unique mechanics design and testing
Original slot game,
based on best-practice
2 — 3 months
Replication or
reverse engineering
2 — 4 months

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